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We specialise in contemporary design and illustration solutions for festivals, events, beauty, and fashion industries. We provide mom's website for a reasonable price since our company focuses on moms working at home.

What we do?

Calypso Designs is a web design business run by women working at home. With years of experience in marketing and web designs, we are one of the trusted web design company here in Perth.

Website Design

Our service mostly offers to women with the dedication to their online business and working at home. We want to promote women's power in an online world.

Website Design By Calypso

Empowering Women Working At Home


Promoting your website to various social media sites for more exposure and adding more traffic.

Online Marketing By Calypso

Creating a maketing strategy to make your website or company known within your area or more over all over the world.


Our marketing and promotion is top-notch and can provide results to our clients for a month or two.

Logo Design By Calypso

A company logo is the most important part of a business. A logo is the identification of your website and it's a symbol to be used on your business.

Logo Design

We have one of a kind logo designs that are more appropriate to each client website. These logos are unique and patented before handling to our clients.

Make your company known all over the world with our professionals. Let us make your business grow in no time.

Our staff is almost open for your inquires. We have a 24/7 support. Just give us a call.

Latest News and Updates

Check out the latest news about Calypso Designs. Some of our staff also share tips and ideas about marketing. We want to let our readers know more about us and learn more in promoting their business online.

makes a website more attractive

What makes a website more attractive?

Today, we all know that websites are essential for any company, be it a small business, a multinational, a professional, and even an artist. Due to globalization, the Internet's presence cannot be ignored since it guarantees the arrival of many more people, not only from your area or country, but from the world.

Choose A Hosting Provider

How To Choose A Hosting Provider?

Choosing a hosting provider is not always simple. After all, it is necessary to be aware of the options, especially with the internet's great diversity.

For digital entrepreneurs, factors such as web design, content, and reach are fundamental for the hosting provider, which can cause confusion when selecting the best platform.

Our Clients

Below are clients that trust our company and succeed in their businesses.

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