What makes a website more attractive?

What makes a website more attractive?

Today, we all know that websites are essential for any company, be it a small business, a multinational, a professional, and even an artist. Due to globalization, the Internet's presence cannot be ignored since it guarantees the arrival of many more people, not only from your area or country, but from the world.

However, the fundamental key is the web page that you decide to upload to the network for this to happen. It is not only about offering your services or items for sale, but about presenting the image you want to leave with your audience, followers, and future clients. Don't forget that the more potential customers, the more actual customers.

Also, you should provide them with a quick and easy way to navigate your site. Otherwise, you know very well that if access is difficult or what you are looking for is not found quickly, the public closes the window and enters another website, that is, your competition.

For that reason, one of the elementary questions to consider is that your website is as striking as possible. And to achieve this, you only have to take into account certain aspects that we are going to develop below. 

website content


It is the key on which good design is based. While structure, functionality, usability, and appearance are the design's skeleton and facilitate positioning, content is the cornerstone, the foundation on which everything else rests.

Also, if the content is approached strategically, it can get you to rank very well in search engines.

For good content to be effective, it must be based on:

● Keywords
● Title and Header Tags
● Web content
● Homepage
● Related web content

Another basic issue is to keep it up to date, since it thus becomes a reliable and constant source of information for those who visit the web. It is important not to include too much detail or repeat the same when it is not necessary. 

Attractive website design


When we talk about web design, we consider the planning, structuring, and implementation of a website. The visual resources are taken into account and their organization, which is known as the layout. It combines the most appropriate color, images, and typography to the style of the page.

It is proven that the web page should be attractive, but with a touch of prudence in terms of the range of colors that is not exaggerated and fatigue the eyes. It draws the visitor's attention much more if the colors have been chosen based on the brand. That is why no more than 3 different colors are recommended, one of them being the dominant one.

Within the design, there are other issues to consider: the home page, the typography, the images, and the buttons that are very important to attract attention. 

attractive website Homepage


The homepage is important because it is the cover letter of your business or service. Because it is the most visited page on your website, it must have a clean and easy-to-navigate design.

It should contain your company's logo and, if possible, a good and original slogan. It also counts that the navigation menu is well structured and visible. It is very important not to saturate this page with photos, icons, clipart, banners, and everything that the only thing that generates is an overdose of information. 

website Typography


The fonts that are used are an important factor within a website. Without a doubt, the typography also defines your page, and choosing a different one from the common ones can positively attract attention and differentiate you from the competition.

However, you have to be careful in terms of legibility, since if it is a difficult letter to read, the reverse effect can occur, and the reader leaves. 

website images


Images, videos, and infographics are, together with text, the pillars for a web page to be eye-catching.

The first recommendation to give you is that you do not rush to choose any image, you must take the necessary time. In the first place, this allows you to choose the one that describes what is being said in the text, but that adds up, adding information.

For this, you can use personal photographs to optimize if you wish, for your website. You can also avail yourself of free and paid image websites, many of which have great variety and excellence. 


A website can be striking in different aspects, especially visual. But it can be striking negatively and positively. Keep in mind that the trend is to design increasingly clean and simple pages, which are super easy to navigate and which take users to the most important place or places from the home page.

Do not try to attract attention by including elements, colors, images, or fonts that are too flashy for the simple fact of being so. Doing this will almost always result in a tacky, vulgar, or tacky website.  

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