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Calypso offers you website design, logo design, SEM, SEO and a lot more.

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Web Design

We will build your website in your conditions and perspective. We only charge on how many pages your website content. Just make us a call for more info.


We will create a strategy for your website to be promoted online and make it top in every search engine. We always provide results within 2 to 3 months.


Promoting your websites to our social media accounts and creating your company pages to be known in the social world.

Article Writing

We write content related to your niche. We always provide good quality articles and can accept bulk articles in a day

Logo Design

Our logo design is top-notch. We create a design that is unique and after our client's approval, we patented it to make it more unique to our client use.

Facebook Market

Facebook is the most known all over the world. We will make your company visible to these platforms and will provide your website more traffic in no time.

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